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St Moluag’s Coracle is an online Catholic magazine focused on and about faith in Scotland today. We have two aims; bringing you content that will build and inform your faith and secondly, to bring to light Scotland’s hidden Catholic history.

To do this you will receive a fortnightly reflection straight to your inbox designed to encourage and build you up as well as topics of a more theological, philosophical or historical nature. In addition we have a continuing project where we delve into the riches of the faith through Scots and Gaelic.

Our writers come from all walks of life, some are Religious or in the Priesthood. Most are lay people with excellent knowledge and insight.

Mary’s Well

Mary’s Well, in which the magazine is a part, also works to reveal our Catholic history in Scotland through our Saints and devotions which is listed on the website below. Additionally we organise retreats and courses throughout the year.

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Mary’s Well is based in the Highlands of Scotland but our hope is for a renewal for the entire Scottish Church. If you want to help or find out more click the button below.

Mary's Well

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St Moluag's Coracle is a free fortnightly Scottish newsletter designed to provide you with good Catholic content to inspire and inform your walk with God and to reveal the Saints and wider history of Scottish Catholicism.